Sunday, April 24, 2011


There’s nothing more intoxicating than being in the presence of someone who is happy. Happy people are full of light and it’s just plain fun to be around them.

I’ve recently stumbled across the huge book blogging community and am amazed how happy they are. They radiate an incredible passion for reading and reviewing books. They are a kind and friendly bunch, excited about finding good reads and sharing. And that’s pretty darn thrilling for writers.

I can see why Amanda Hocking says she loves book bloggers. It’s quite the difference from the years of slush pile attitudes that writers have had to endure over the years. It’s refreshing.

A well-known author was recently quoted as saying that the American public doesn’t read anymore. She based this on New York publishers reporting financial difficulties.

But she’s wrong. People haven’t given up reading. They just do it differently now. They’ve found indie authors, cheaper books, and e-readers. And they’ve discovered a bigger, better banquet.

Passionate readers have found a better way to follow their bliss.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Walk on a Sunday Afternoon

Because I love living in Bend, it was easy to use the town as the setting for my second book, 44.

Last time I posted, I put up a picture of the footbridge that is in the opening scene of 44. A body is found in the river under it, caught up in branches and floating face down.
This particular bridge is one of my favorite places in all seasons. It’s a great place to play “Pooh Sticks” in the summer and in winter it’s fun to watch ducks slide on the ice when the river freezes over. There’s an amazing giant tree (it would be so great to insert the particulars here but I have no idea…) on one side that turns a stark yellow in the autumn. On the other side is Drake Park, full of life and fun and just a short ways from downtown. You can stand in the middle of the wooden bridge, stare at river and contemplate life, think good thoughts. Or figure stuff out. Or just be.
Anyway, I knew it was just perfect for a murder scene.
Awbrey Butte is also in my book and today I took a short walk up, camera ready for the incredible views of the Cascade Mountain Range that you usually are lucky to see. Seven mountain peaks, and always snow drenched during this time of year. Alas, however, today the cold spring clouds settled in and hid them.
Anyway, happy reading! Have a great week!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where the Story Begins

I'm still thinking about what to write. Here is where my book begins: