Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Songs of Forty-Four, Book 13

Into Dust
Mazzy Star

Love, Jools


  1. Just finished book 13. It was so good and was a great ending to the Dr Nathaniel Mortimer saga. I think you left it open for one more book. You have to finish the story with Abby and Ty and start Abby in her new endeavors. Please, please, please. ..one more story. Anyway, I loved the entire series. There was never any lag or drag to the story line. I read them from start to finish with the short stories before 13. Enjoyed them all.

  2. Hi, Mary~ Thank you SO much for the kind words here!

    and no worries whatsoever... Abby Craig will be returning early this summer in the Abby Craig Mystery series :)

    Hope you have some fun spring-y weekend plans!