Sunday, February 7, 2016

Forty-Four Book Thirteen Now Available!

Hi, Everybody!
Book Thirteen is now out on both Amazon and BN. It will be out on iBooks soon....
Thanks so much and hope you all have a fun Sunday!


  1. Jools! Oh my gosh, I cant believe 44 is actually over. Please tell me though we eventually find out what happens between ty and Abby and other things too?

  2. Hi,Kathleen!
    First off, thank you SO much for being such an awesome fan of the series...Thirteen books is a lot to read :)
    Now on to the question....okay, well, hmmmm. I guess this is how I can best answer this. I think there are a few clues in Abby's thought process and words regarding her relationship with Ty, but I think that the most important thing here isn't Ty, but the fact that Abby's come out of this dark journey able to see the beauty in her life once again.
    I will be writing the first book in the "new" Abby Craig Mysteries series later in the year, so at that time I guess the specifics will be clearer. I'm not trying to hold out, I promise, it's just that this series, all 13 books, is really about Abby's journey and I wanted to end it there, with her.

    Thank you again, Kathleen, and hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Ugh, the suspense! And to see all of your great work on screen would be amazing. Best of luck :)


    1. Thanks SO much for the kind words here Kathleen, it's a great way to start a Saturday :)