Sunday, April 1, 2012

That's Entertainment...

Wow, things have gotten way fun over here lately, one of the reasons being that some of the best shows have returned this week! So who cares if it's snowing in April! Here's a list of some of my favs of the season...and why you'll find me glued to the screen lately~

Mad Men
I love this series for a lot of reasons, although the snappy, witty dialogue is what I love best. I was so excited that after a 17-month hiatus it returned last Sunday night... and the brief scene of Peggy dancing at Don's birthday party alone made it worth the wait.

"One day you're on top of the world and the next some secretary is running you over with a lawn mower."

Game of Thrones
I have to admit that it surprises me how much I love this show, as I'm not usually a huge fan of fantasy. But it's fantastic and I can't wait to see what happens in Season 2, which begins tonight. 

"As impossible as it seems, there was once a time I was unaccustomed to wine."

Amazing show. Excellent characters, storylines, dialogue, and humor. Raylan and Boyd play off each other so well. Season 3 started up a little while back but if you haven't already, jump right in!

"I hope you enjoyed your stay, and you never forget who packed your bags."
--Boyd Crowder

Downton Abbey
 I've arrived a little late in the game on this amazing show, having only discovered it a few weeks ago. But within that short period of time, I finished up both seasons and now find it painful that I will have to wait until January 2013 to continue.

 "What is a weekend?"
--Lady Grantham

Hope you all are having a great weeke....well, Sunday!



  1. Love love LOVE Mad Men! Glad it's back :) In the Caribbean, our TV plays different stuff or the same but at different schedules, so it'll take a bit of playing around to find it. Still... Glad it's back :) And I'm sorry about the snow.

    1. Hi, Guilie!
      I'm so glad you can see Mad Men...Not too bad of an exchange...a different TV schedule for living in paradise!
      Hope you're getting in some great diving :)