Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick Trips are Good....

I read something a little while ago about the importance of having fun. I don't know if it's the lingering snow or the amount of time I've been sitting at the computer lately, but this last week I've been feeling a little, well, unfun, so I decided it was time to stir things up and take a small trip.

So on Monday, the fam and I left the High Desert for a few days and went down into the "Valley," over to Portland, to see Kathleen Edwards play at the Aladdin.

Kathleen Edwards was absolutely amazing! It was the kind of concert that you walk away from feeling lucky that you were there, a part of something that was really special. She sounded incredible, her music and words were beautiful, and her passion was stunning. It'll be a night I'll always remember.

She played one of my favorites, A Soft Place to Land, a song that must be included on the 44 soundtrack. If you haven't heard it yet, go here:

We also were able to go to two fantastic restaurants while in Portland. The two are connected, owned by the same guys and WOW, they were both excellent! Before the concert, we stopped by Toro Bravo for dinner:

Above is the Sherry Chicken Liver Mousse that would make even Hannibal Lecter cry. That was just one item we all shared....

And then, the next morning, breakfast at Tasty N Sons...

If you're in the Portland area and are interested in going to either of these restaurants, make sure to get there early or bring some patience as both places are popular and crowded. We arrived at Toro Bravo ten minutes after it opened and got the last table.

It was a great trip. And when we got home, there was even some more fun as we watched the Barcelona game. It was a big one...playing AC Milan for a spot in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Barca won, and I know it made Abby happy.

Well, it feels like the fun trip worked. I came home happy and refreshed and am ready to dive right back into Book Four (which will be released next month around Mother's Day).

Hope you all are having a great week and have some fun plans brewing!



  1. What a wonderful post, Jools! And what fantastic photos. Kathleen Edwards is awesome, and those restaurants look amazing. Seems like it was a great trip!

    1. Thanks, Allison! It was such a great trip :)
      Hope you're having a fab weekend!

  2. I just finished 44 Book Three and was eager to listen to "A Soft Place to Land". What perfect background music for the ending to be wrapped up in. I love listening to music while I read, it brings in that element of emotion and enhances the storyline so much more than just simply reading the words would.

    1. Hi, Temperamental Bookworm~
      I'm so glad you heard the song! I've been obsessed with Kathleen Edwards lately and I just love A Soft Place to Land...and I completely agree about background music while reading :)It really does add an emotional element to the experience...
      Thanks SO much for dropping by and hope you're working on some fantastic weekend plans!