Monday, October 10, 2011

Season of Horror

It was a good weekend over here in Jools' Land! Decorating, shopping, and celebrating, all related to the Season of Horror!

We started our horror movie viewing and last night we saw Exorcist 3, a gruesome, surprisingly good movie that features George C. Scott (Gorgeous Cat). If any of you have seen Exorcist 2, you know why I use the word "surprisingly." But this movie really delivers in the creeps and chills department. I love the story too, picking up 15 years after Father Karras is hurtled from the window and tumbles down all those stairs in Georgetown.

It's an old movie, 1990, and completely underrated (probably due to the fact that Exorcist 2 is really, really bad). It's a good, solid film and if you are a fan of of Damien and The Devil, it's def a must see.

Also, it's not nearly as intense as the first one, which in my book is a good thing. Although, word of warning, there's some serious horror involved here...the "nurse scene" is a classic.

On Thursday, I'm going to write a bit more about scary "must see" movies. I like a lot of the old school and off-the beaten-path horror movies, so maybe you'll find some gems that you haven't seen yet. Stay tuned!

See you Thursday for some more ghoulish delights and hope you're having a amazing autumn Monday, wherever you are!

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