Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Autumn in the west.....

I've been on an extended road trip this autumn (much like a certain character in the 44 series), and it's been such fun. For me, fall is the best of the best season to travel in, with amazing colors around every corner. I thought I would go ahead and be random this morning, posting some of my favorite moments of the season so far as I roamed around with my camera, capturing the beauty.

The pictures are from Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and of course, Bend, Oregon!

Hope you all are having a great fall too, with many fun plans brewing for the upcoming holidays!



  1. beautiful pix!!!!

    ill be done with 44-10 tomorrow....whens the next coming out?!!!!!!!!!!! hurry please!

  2. Hi, Jerzeegrl! Yay!!
    Book 11 is on schedule to be released for Thanksgiving!! yay!!!
    Hope you're having a great week!