Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Patch

I had a chance to get out to Terrebonne this weekend, a little town not too far away from Bend that sits in the shadow of Smith Rock (a place where Ty likes to rock climb) and has a few great pumpkin patches. It was a windy, cold, spectacular day, perfect for pumpkin hunting. Blue skies turned to gray skies and then back to blue again without a drop of rain, the air crisp, atmosphere amazing.

My hands froze as I took pictures, lost in a field of dead sunflower stalks. After an hour or so, I got down to business and started picking and hauling piles of pumpkins to the scales, where a lady who had seen it all before eyeballed the group and charged a flat fee.

I was tempted by the crazy hamburger smells floating through the farm, but it was cash only at the stand so I headed back to Bend, to 10 Barrel (another Ty hangout), where I used my debit card for an excellent brew and snacks.
Hope you all are having festive orange days this week, with plenty of pumpkin plans in the works :)



  1. Ah, these pics make me wax nostalgic. No pumpkins in Curacao. They do import Christmas trees from Canada and US, so maybe we can arrange to import pumpkins next year? Hmm...

    Thanks so much for sharing--I could almost taste the nip in the air, even in my 80-degree weather. No, I'm not boasting. You just try it, see how fast it gets old :)

  2. Hi, Guilie!
    I think importing pumpkins is a fantastic idea~Nobody should be without!
    Great to hear from you :) and hope all is well and you are out diving often in those sparkling tropical waters in that beautiful 80-degree weather...