Friday, May 25, 2012

Thank you!!!

Thank you everybody! It's exciting to see so much interest in the 44 series. I love writing about Abby and Kate and Ty and Jesse and Bend, and will keep writing about them all as long as they have exciting stories to tell. If you haven't already done so and would like to, I would so appreciate reviews on Amazon or BN! And thanks SO much to those people who have already left them :)

I've had some people ask me about the next book in the 44 series, so I wanted to announce here that 44 Book Five is scheduled to be released August 1.

I also wanted to mention how much I love Florence+the Machine and how her music really influenced Book Four. During the last few weeks of writing it, Florence was singing non-stop over here. I'm a huge fan, completely addicted, and can't wait until July to see her live.

A lot of her music is perfect for the 44 series. Here is a clip of Seven Devils, which belongs with Chapter 26 of Book Four.

On another note, I managed to get out on a short hike in the Badlands earlier this week. Ty and Abby hike there in Book Four. It's not too far from town, but is always pretty empty. It's so beautiful and lonely, and is a great place to think.

Hope you all are cooking up fun plans for a great Memorial Day weekend! My big wish for these next few days is to be done with snow once and for all. Yesterday and this morning slushy white blobs were falling from the sky.

Have a great, long weekend!



  1. I really love this series! Im new to this genre even and think you're fantastic author! I just barely discovered your books about two months ago. I read the first and was hooked! I even have my best fried reading them! Please keep 'em coming! I love reading about Abby!

    Thank YOU!!
    Ashley from Epsom NH

    1. Hi, Ashley!
      Thank you SO much for writing was awesome reading your comment this morning!
      And how very cool that you got your best friend on board the 44 train :)
      I'm at the beach this week working on Book 5...and it is crazy stormy here today...
      .Anyway, hope you're having a fantastic Thursday :)

  2. I just started reading this series a few days ago after I received my Kindle in the mail. I lived in Bend, Oregon for 23 years. A year ago yesterday was when I moved to South Carolina, so I have been really missing my hometown. After reading the first book of your 44 series, it took me back to Bend and all that I have missed about it. Mind you, I do not miss the winter in Bend...or it's crazy bi-polar weather, but I do miss driving to the Old Mill to watch a movie, or going to the Library to check out a book and spend time there, or even eating at the Pilot Butte Drive-in. I miss Bend a lot these days, and after reading your books, I feel like I am back there.

    1. Hi, SexyZombieKilla~
      Wow,you've moved so far away! I lol at your description of Bend's weather :) I love it here, but have to admit that during a bad winter I have thoughts of heading to a warmer place, at least for a little while...
      I hope you have plans to come back to your hometown, but until then I'm glad you found the series :)
      Hope you're having a great Southern weekend and thanks SO much for writing!